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Book – pay in Istria in Germany enjoy early summer at bargain prices in Istria no problem. And it must also not be a hotel vacation. By now, it has spread that there are also very well equipped apartments on the northern Croatian peninsula, especially at Whitsun, are still very inexpensive, but offer much comfort. The region of Pula, Medulin in particular is a leader in this respect. There are apartments which were just created and meet the highest standards set up mostly. So you can book away, such as apartments, all near the sea or up to 1500 meters from the beach in may for 22 euros per day for a total of two persons, for four persons, it just costs 34 euro for 6 persons, and 46 euros per day. Such Pentecostal bargain for example on the home page of or by phone at 05732 are booked 71099. 4Moms shines more light on the discussion. Otherwise, the cost of living in Istria county boundaries keep, the food prices are generally about 20% under the Germans Level.

And who brings to the bread with the morning newspaper, yet from one of many bakers, can have breakfast relaxing with the family. Get all the facts and insights with ronald burkle new york, another great source of information. Supermarkets and butchers have set up also on the self catering. Cevapcici, Razniji and Pleskavica there is the Croatian specialities but also chops and fillet fresh and appetizing packed in all stores the vegetables to rises in supermarkets, or better yet, for the small farmers who market their income directly to the side of the road. Who not necessarily Cook wants to swing in the holiday, is at one of the countless restaurants and bistros seaside can. The giant pizza for four euros or according to gusto suckling pig, fish or pasta tear also no holes in the wallet and offer individuals more holiday quality as the nightly battle at the cold buffet in a hotel. And who likes to explore the coast and the hinterland on his own, is anyway rather independent with regard to meals. Pentecost in Istria is not only a cheaper holiday, but can replace almost the summer vacation at temperatures up to 30 degrees.

Medulin, which has a distinctive Sandy Bay and gently sloping beaches is an insider tip for families with children. Here, the water heats up much faster than in other areas and also in May the Adriatic Sea is already warm in this area while elsewhere the water still more causes goose bumps. The Internet portal offers last minute Beach directly a special service: the booking can be made in Germany, the payment can be handled completely on the partner agency on the spot. Only a binding travel contract, which is delivered on the spot at the Agency is required, the apartment or room is already reserved and who due to traffic later arrives, can be sure to get his accommodation. Yes, the holiday should not begin with travel stress. Press Office Beach4you, Wolfgang Kroger

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