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Life, travelling and working in Australia: Tips and tricks to the working holiday visa. With over 200 current addresses – Jobhopping down under. A year down penetrate under himself with odd jobs, all belongings and goods into the Backpack on the back, here today, here tomorrow. This modern way of Vagabunderei is becoming more popular, promises but an outbreak from the rather boring learning and everyday. Hardly a country suitable for this better than the fifth continent: farms full of herds of cattle, orchards and wide, deserted land promise again odd jobs. Read more here: Western Union Company. Vibrant cities like Sydney or Melbourne await you with a wide variety of employment opportunities, from waiters about Guide to childcare and German lessons. Who so has decided for a working holiday stay in Australia and not a professional mediation would like to insert into the laboriously saved itself on your own smart do – and much cheaper. The guide lists everything worth knowing about work on over 250 pages & Travel on.

The book begins with a general presentation of the working holiday visa, the criteria are to meet, with which to calculate the costs etc. Also tips and tricks for the preparation time are on the agenda. It also handles the popular Wwoofing working on organic farms. The practical part “In Australia” occupies the largest part of the Manual: one learns how to get in Australia job – and travel-related information, how to stay on the road accessible, how to open an Australian bank account, where you can stay cheap and save money as “Back pack” can be. Also, back-Packer-typical jobs are presented and it is given information about where to find them and what merit you may expect.

In addition, the guide provides a comprehensive address list of job agencies, back Packer offices and relevant travel information centres in his chapter “Federal States” in addition to cultural delicacies ordered by State. Photos, maps and numerous testimonials loosen up the non-fiction. “Jobhopping down under”, Jorn Schulz, ISBN 978-3-86040-126-2, euro 18,90 similar in the series: “Dream-land Australia – emigrate made easy”, Barbara Barkhausen ISBN 978-3-86040-133-0, p. 172, euro 18,00 and working holiday Canada – jobs, internships, Exchange, land, people, languages learning, homestay & guest Schuljahr, ISBN 978-3-86040-137-8, 176 p., EUR 15.90; SFr 28.50 available via, > shop or bookstore. Review copies, title illustrations of the program in print quality at > press > jobs, internships, study related Web site company description Publisher and operator of various youth portals. Books on subjects, jobs, internships, Aupair, volunteering, travel, travel reports, InterRail, autobiographies. Company contact: interconnections media & Schiller Street 44 79102 Freiburg Tel travel E.k.. Georg Beckmann: 0761 700 650 E-Mail: Web:

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