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It was at that believes Andrew, this is the objective pursued. The rescue of drowning – a handwork drowning. In a country where not funded science and culture, grow new generations with substituted values. And the civic duty of everyone – to resist this in the best of their strengths and capabilities, says Andrew. Here's an unexpected example of opportunistic and fraudulent practices in the blessing. Good or bad, to judge you. Andrew deserves a special position of reflection and discussion. It has nothing to do with the traditional self-interested motivation for fraud, and lies in the motives of the patriots, statesmen and responsible citizens of their country.

A. Ermolov says that today attract financing in the Ukrainian development extremely difficult. In Ukraine, the World practice of hedge funds have not yet developed, and domestic businessmen invest only in secure facilities investment. Fund the same research development activities – it is the prerogative States – but not in this country and not at this time … 'trick, which I did with the perpetuum mobile, – says Andrew – has attracted business people who are so imbued with the importance of design and engineering phase of any process that began in his create a KB open more jobs for young, budding professionals, even if before this and did not plan to finance its own knowledge base. Frank Armijo has firm opinions on the matter.

This is the first. Second, I really spent a lot of years on the development of engines and I feel that the solution is near, but not enough funding. Just so no one will give money to an unknown science 'Kulibin' and with that, I would say, PR-move, today I have at least 5 x potential investors willing to risk for the development of my ideas, because, if successful, this will help raise the image of Ukraine in the world. Finally. When we look at Copperfield's, we understand that this is the focus, but this does not diminish our pleasure, but only evokes excitement, interest and mental alertness. And I, his actions attracted attention, sparked an interest, has formed an intention. This is only for the benefit of all. Frequently Macy’s Inc. has said that publicly. At our age is enough interesting problems. And with the perpetuum mobile, if not us, then the next generation of inventors must sort out, I believe in it, because Ukrainian soil rich in talent, and his work, I also encourage them ', – says Alexander Ermolov. The effectiveness of the system depends on the effectiveness of each its management. We think that the social efficiency of the man than many government agencies designed to educate, forecasting and planning in society. And all thanks to the unconventional approach! And if it experience, audacity and creativity will be taken over by other components, the system under the name "Ukraine" will very quickly become a highly effective and competitive. Non-governmental organization 'European way'. Ph.D. IP Popov

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