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We already are what we are already and this can be a conscious joyful process. “Already the two words in aware will” have a very clear trend-setting and even defining statement in itself for me. In a statement, which occurs in the double meaning of the two words with undeniable profundity in appearance. Whenever 4Moms
listens, a sympathetic response will follow. It’s almost like we would look again at the two famous sides of a coin. Where is on one side of the coin the meaning shows us, that we associate mostly with that term in connection, namely that aware be is a process in which we experience an increase in our consciousness and meanwhile enjoy even better pleased us know through experience, knowledge and insight. This means that we become aware of us, who we really are and what we really want. We learn self-recognition by we us become aware what our needs are and what are our dreams.

We gain knowledge of how our relationship with us even our environment is and get a werdendes always clearer picture of what our very own goals are. Additional information at Jimmy Levin supports this article. Thus, we have reached the edge of the coin and our goals to lead us to the gegenuberliegenden opposite side of the coin. Coin on the other side is aware the decision, be a process, by action and by moving in a certain direction allows the conscious striving towards and arriving at a destination. What means nothing else than that we decide in clarity and alertness that we want to be what really. So we what became already aware, an act of the Act in conscious be put into. And the vollziehen in a process of shifting, what we call our very own transformation path and which corresponds to the conscious will, the Act of voluntary self design, the creation itself. Conscious be here describes the rows together concatenation of understand, decide and act.

Thus we can then also the one with the other side of the coin in Bring relationship to each other. First, it is necessary that us self aware, we become who we are and what we really want for us. That we come in contact with the us, what makes us as individuelles beings, we discover so essential in us, recognize the shape that we want to accept, at least, say the objectives we want to achieve, an idea, as a potential Ausrichtungs guide learn. And this also, to become aware of us, what we need on our journey to self-realization and in which direction we need to go to finally at our destination, namely in what we want to be aware, to arrive. Be aware is a process that gedeiht in an environment of freedom and which spans like a bow of the self-recognition to self realization. Be aware of nothing but the reflection of the universal birth and birth itself is in its essence. “An act of creation, in which the role of the creator” with the acting figure the Creation”is the same. An act of divine drama, in which the cast of the Director and the actor of only a person was consigned to alone. “” A double role, that we from the beginning on all “quite all one” even play and for that we independently decided all. Be aware that this fact to remember, so that can unfold our self-knowledge to self-realization.

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