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Petroleum Policy Objectives

Considerations externalities resulting from Onshore oil exploration: Environmental: Destruction of ecosystems (soil processing and degradation of forests) and biodiversity of Flora (loss of vegetation) and fauna, the product of geophysical and seismic surveys, the lack of subsequent rehabilitation planning field in order to conserve topsoil and noise pollution produced by explosions of dynamite or helicopters. […]

Outsourcing Justification

The disadvantages of the process of Outsourcing for the National Oil Industry include: reduction of the business transferred. Perhaps check out emil michael for more information. The resistance of the workforce. The loss of experience in the development of the activity now transferred. Increase the transfer of activities to third parties. Some restrictions statutory rate. […]

Finance Basics

FINANCE 1 .- DEFINITION: They are a branch of the administration to study the generation and management of a company, individual or state of the funds it needs to meet its objectives and criteria that have their assets.It is the optimal use in terms of quality, quantity and timing, both the sources that provide the […]


Valuation In finance, valuation or appraisal is the process of estimating the value of an asset (eg stocks, options, businesses or intangible assets such as patents and trademarks) or a liability (ie debt securities of a company). The valuation process is very important in many situations including investment analysis, capital budgeting, mergers and acquisitions, and […]

Talk: Antonio Molina

Talk: Antonio Molina Ant n (Molina Consultores) Template: UNLOCK / REASON Att. Mr. Luis Mella. (ENSAD) I found your answer and I thought I understood what I stated. In my extension in the description of both the highly educated, as the experience was to indicate that the discipline of commercial due diligence, must be conducted […]

Technology Education

The world today is passing through a critical and definitive that could change the course of history forever. The human being has spent the last decades mainly to seek, investigate and develop various ways to simplify and make easier the activities we do in our daily lives. In this process of invention and innovation that […]


For Aristotle the virtue is the force that the individual acquires through the practical one of the good, resulting in the happiness, where reaches the corporeal properties, after to have reached the human goods. The practical one of the virtues leads to the corporeal properties, that the virtuous man will have in second plain, in […]

The Familiar

How much to the language also it is thus. So that the child acquires the capacity of conceitualizar, she is necessary before to be capable to symbolize. The symbols appear by means of the convivncia with the familiar ones, through the contact with the television (the programs preferred for the child show how much of […]

Corporate Identity

5 rules for creating your corporate identity is no secret that corporate identity is a major factor in the development and success of any enterprise. Create a corporate identity for a private entrepreneur or company You can own, this is very interesting and entertaining, for that there are many online-designers, but if you have no […]

Commission Organizations

The main tasks of the Commission are: – collecting and monitoring information on the facts and methods of absorption and capture business, operational information about local and central public authorities, in particular law enforcement and public service executive, on the strengthening of anti-takeover and unlawful seizure of enterprises – operating time package of measures to […]

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