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Educational Environment

The environment appears then as domain of application of knowledge already submitted to the comment and the characterization of the practical redefined human being being, if necessary, of the point of view of the research interdisciplinares and to multidiscipline. It still has a concept of environment of the point of view humanist who satisfies one […]


According to numerous surveys, research psychologists, chronobiology come to the same conclusion: in the weekly rhythm of performance varies considerably industrial workers and employees – on Monday about low productivity, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, it increases and then on Friday and Saturday again reduced. Similar dynamics is observed in performance of pupils and students. If […]


The Ecleticism and the Sincretismo in Flon of Alexandria Alex de Sousa The ecleticism and the sincretismo are gifts of clear form and evident in the workmanship of Flon, when the same, it looks for to make commentaries of the Bible. Perhaps check out Hikmet Ersek for more information. For it an adjusted method to […]

Russia Shares

The problem that may face when buying shares / shares, – the impossibility of free disposal and acquisition of shares which may be limited to any right of way for the acquisition of shares or the provisions of the statute imposes a limit on the number of shares held by one shareholder, and their total […]

Pension Payments

Everyone who is legally living and working in Germany, provides financial contributions to various funds, including the pension fund. This ensures that in the future, when you reach retirement age, entitled to pension payments. The obligation to pay pension contributions include not only German citizens, but also inostarntsev working on a contract or other legally […]

Recent Advances In The Treatment Of Heroin Addiction

addicts do not exist! “This is taken from the slang used by drug addicts. They could not be more aptly express the fundamental problem faced by doctors throughout the world in an attempt to treat heroin addiction. In Russian literature is the so-called “syndrome of pathological craving for the drug,” which accompanies the treated drug […]

Oliveira Leadership

The text is based mainly in the motivation and the sharing of objectives, where the participation and the interaction in the work in team start to be the basic factors for the humanizao of the enterprise activities. The workmanship intends to clarify what it comes to be leadership and its importance for the interpersonal relations, […]

Types Of Art

Express the Pop movement art the necessity of that life and art walk together, the separation does not fit in this cerne artistic. The authentic movement also made critical to the exaggerated consumption guided for the capitalism which used the art to attract consumers with what it is called transformation of the reality in hiper-reality. […]

Leonardo Boff

It is important to stand out despite the psycotherapy needs that a inquebrantvel faith in its results exists, as much how much for the psychotherapist as for the patient; but it is not necessary to be Christian or to be believing to reach this faith, therefore the faith appears here as way of auto-trasncendncia, and […]


If it wants that its business secures good results, the promotion is fundamental, and one of the ways easiest to promote it is by means of exclusive t-shirts. The traditional options to publicitar itself can be very expensive and complicated; even if we chose with well-taken care of our investment in announcements, often the results […]

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