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Weber Workmanship

This composes one another difficulty of the workmanship of Weber: not to leave that the fact of it not to have bred a proper terminology for certain questions overshadows the especificidades and differences of its conceptions and concepts. This has of being observed over all how much the question of the values and of its […]

The Vietnamese

For Lenine, Trotski, Preobrajenski and other revolutionaries, the triumph of the revolution in its country was not enough only, but she was necessary that the revolution if processed world-wide, because the capitalism also was world-wide. Already for Marx and Engels, they praised that this new world-wide system when appearing, had to start pioneering in the […]

Global Consumerism

The predisposition of throwaway many products The low quality of some products that carry a relatively low period of life which are attractive for its low cost but in the long term are more expensive, and are more harmful to the environment. Some diseases such as obesity or depression which make us more easily believe […]

Angola Cultural

Beyond practical the cultural one diferenciadaressaltada, the Africans, still, practical eindgenas Europeans had incorporated some, beyond, to influence them culturally. The cultural interchange between the elementoscitados ones contributed for a cultural formation afro – Brazilian hbridae sufficiently peculiar. Development Throughout the colonial and monrquicobrasileiro period was great the contingent of African slaves in Brazil, since, […]

Portuguese Kingdom

To leave the people to make independence was to play all the elitist and aristocratic structure in the way of a fogueira, or better, of a uncontrollable fire. Its privileges and even its proper survival could be evaporated. To speak in Republic, democracy would be an irresponsible and immoral act. The solution came in the […]

Creativity Influences

Today with the market changes, it is necessary to put into practice in companies or organizations an operational creativity, that facilitates alternatives, tools, strategies, guidelines and specific actions to be undertaken. For this reason, the expert, Eduardo Kastika, defines creativity in companies and businesses such as the ability to achieve different results. Entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs, directors, […]

Automotive Vision Test Management

First approach before the launch in the automotive car Show Vision / by Julio Brito a., Special Envoy LOS ANGELES, California; continuity or rupture, evolution or revolution, is the dilemma of the new Mazda 3 totally redesigned, under a concept of global car, which is presented at the Auto Show in Los Angeles and had […]


It has times, the movements of women come guiding its debates in the perspective of that the questions traditionally that they are attributed to it must be placed in ampler context, that is, of the quarrel of the relations and of papers of men and women in the society. This is called question sort. This […]

National Security

In the reality, the conceptualization more brought up to date of what it comes to be the National Security in the military molds after-1964 starts to be worked after 2 Great War. However, in the decade of 30 of century XX a concern of the Brazilian military in forming a mentality is evidenced that considers […]

New Republic

The bands had appeared of coretos and military I cry and it; modinha? important musical sort created in Portugal, responsible for the melodicos and romantic aspects of great influence until the New Republic; the production of music religious, or lyric; lundu African? it dances African of meneios and sapateados, he will be one of the […]


He enters the terms of lusitana origin, morabe, aboriginal and Creole of the colonial period lose the vocbulos used for the blacks and mestizos in the scope of the accepted farms and for the religious ones until century XIX. Many of these terms, today, already are aportuguesados and incorporated to the regular vocabulary of the […]

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