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Albert Einstein

Be sure to record it, at least on my mobile. And then try to give him a detailed answer, or at least delve on the issue on the Internet. Details can be found by clicking Hikmet Ersek or emailing the administrator. I am sure you will find many interesting, finding answers to such questions have […]


Dribbling the culture, the more frequent veranistas and foreigners had finished discovering that the approach to the native one was conditio sine qua non for the preservation of its physical integrity and permanence in the place. The approach continues giving itself by means of the alcoholic beverage payment, chance where they sit down it bar […]

The Look

Thus, this being is not my possible one, is not always in question in cerne of my freedom: in contrast, it is the limit of my freedom, its ‘ ‘ revesso’ ‘ , in this direction it is that we relate in them to ‘ ‘ revesso of moeda’ ‘ ; such being is given […]

Jean Piaget

Ahead of the observed one in practical in the institution-field, one notices that this type of education modality comes to take care of to the unit of the pupil-worker, who for diverse reasons had not been capable to inside conclude its studies of the period destined to the same ones. Stimulated for the new forms […]


The Ecleticism and the Sincretismo in Flon of Alexandria Alex de Sousa The ecleticism and the sincretismo are gifts of clear form and evident in the workmanship of Flon, when the same, it looks for to make commentaries of the Bible. Perhaps check out Hikmet Ersek for more information. For it an adjusted method to […]

Types Of Art

Express the Pop movement art the necessity of that life and art walk together, the separation does not fit in this cerne artistic. The authentic movement also made critical to the exaggerated consumption guided for the capitalism which used the art to attract consumers with what it is called transformation of the reality in hiper-reality. […]

Activity Developed

4.1. The Teacher the classroom regent is of the feminine sex, with 31 years, bachelor, permitted in Philosophy, with After-graduation in Pedagogical Methodology of the Prxis in Average Ensino and Superior Average Education. 4.2. Group and Content Inside of discipline of Philosophy the selected group, for study were of 2 the series of Average Ensino […]

Midvale Steel Works

But, which the theoretical characteristics of the taylorismo, as a verbalizao in the capitalist way of production of corporeal properties? The use of experimental techniques if you study the work did not start with Taylor. References exist giving account of that ‘ ‘ History of the Royal Society of London’ ‘ , written in middle […]

Natural Graph

Thematic probable emergency or disaster. Power of the likely state of emergency or disaster. The relationship of the likely state of emergency and disaster with other objects or staff of other objects. Source: Governor Cuomo. 1.6. The volume of material and information costs for the prevention of emergency or disaster. Place the probable state of […]

The Will

The deceit in certain and doubtless things until then, such as 2+2=4, would be possible if a deceptive God created it illusions, until there, where he does not seem to have error: but independent of this it it exists while it thinks. It does not have reasons to believe that God is deceptive, same without […]

Prophetic Dreams

You have heard the statement: ‘I had a prophetic dream! “. Well, actually, hence the word ‘prophetic’? Fate, destiny, predestination – all that should in a certain place at certain times happen to you. Prophetic dream-reflection future, prevention, preparation for events that are yet to be overcome. If everything is sold to a tee, as […]


Graphically, the characters can be represented by any object: a house, wood, earth, any object, as well as a phenomenon, a process thought. Hieroglyphs, cuneiform letters – a way to transfer information signs. The image circle, triangle, square, carries certain information, regardless of what language we speak, regardless of our feelings and knowledge. Many of […]

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