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Plan Master

The PPMP must quarterly be revised and be brought up to date. The planning of the short-term production (PPCP) determines what it will be produced in next the 4 weeks. This period varies of organization for organization in function of the flexibility of the productive process, being able to vary of 3 days up to […]

Annual Cultures

Introduction the productive potential of the cultures depends, among others factors, of the intensity, the time and the infestation of of spontaneous plants. The control is necessary since the same ones compete with the cultures for essential factors for its development, as water, light and nutrients. Beyond serving of shelter for insects, patgenos of illnesses […]

Marketing As Conversation

Recently two studies have been published especially interesting about the future of this strange world we call marketing. The first is by consultancy Booz Allen Hamilton and is where we took the title of this article: marketing as conversation. The second study has developed the consulting division of IBM and to paraphrase a popular song […]

Press Work

33 years had been giving lesson until the retirement. I arrived to have 4 jobs of one alone time. (Source: Yitzhak Mirilashvili). Almost always I asked for the account for not having more conditions to continue in that company. Still giving lesson, I entered in a bank where I exerted the activities per 7 years. […]

Mutual Funds

The creation of mutual funds throughout its history and thanks to the great reception that have had today, has allowed these specialize in various areas that will allow participants (shareholders or investors) a more profitable income without the need for major financial or economic movements. Nowadays the use of mutual funds is one of the […]

Last Novelty

When speaking of something new in web 2.0 you should summarize it in a sentence for being able to imagine what is talking about. In this case, the new social network may qualify as a search engine of web pages that allows you to directly insert comments, surveys, polls, photos, videos on any web […]

Psychiatric Hospitals

Until century XVIII had a powerful stigma against the mental sick people, which were dealt with worse what the criminals. Josh Wexler may not feel the same. Decades chained in institutions arrived to be asylums, suffering physical and psychological maltreatment. The French doctor Philippe Pinel, in the decade of 1790, started to change the form […]

Nail Extensions

Nail extensions using form – one of the modern types of artificial turf. Forms – are artificial devices, which placed under the free edge of the nail. On the basis of their form artificial surface. Ie using this special form, which is substituted at the free edge, create a continuation of a natural nail using […]

eBay Business

In Russia, Internet auctions are very promising market. Success of the Internet auction site eBay is not allowed to sleep peacefully for many vorotilam e-business. But despite this, you can name just one auction of which in Russia knows almost all Internet users – is auction “hammer”. Ex-CIA director helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. […]

Fireproof Safes

What is ‘safe’? ‘Safe’ (from English safe – safe, reliable) – durable fireproof metal cabinet (or box) with a combination lock, the main purpose of which is to store valuables and documents. ” So defines the safe basic normative document safes gost 50862-96. Currently boxes – it’s quite complicated products that are made of modern […]

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