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Free Insurance Calculator

Always conveniently covered by up-to-date insurance comparisons insurance is a big issue when it comes to hedging, the car, the pension or retirement or only to the budget. There is probably no area of daily life, one could insure one. Some things (E.g. car), it is legally required, to complete a liability insurance policy, assure […]

Car Insurance Expires

Termination of insurance only until 30 November, possible then the contract extends for another year Berlin, November 24, 2010 until early next week of this year’s battle of car insurers to new customers decides. Timely vehicle owner may terminate their insurance only until November 30, to take advantage of a more favourable policy in the […]

Pension and Disability Insurance

Often, risk is underestimated if you feel young and healthy, usually rarely thinking about insurance and pension. However, this is advisable according to expert opinion, because every fifth employee in Germany due to health problems had prematurely retiring from professional life. The consumer portal informs how already young people for such a case can […]

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