Archives for December, 2012

Economic Condition

The school works with pupils whose families present a favorable economic condition, given the social context where they live. Beyond taking care of the pupils of the proper quarter, ‘ ‘ guia&#039 school; ‘ also it receives school registrations from pupils proceeding from neighboring quarters (Island of Beautiful Mount, Island of Smoke, Crossing, Romo, Fort […]

The Evaluation

To carry through this work we search some concepts to base our planning, and through our research we believe that the planning must be flexible and to look for to perceive the areas of interest of the children, to have the function of norteador of the activities being prevented the improvisation and errors of a […]


It has times, the movements of women come guiding its debates in the perspective of that the questions traditionally that they are attributed to it must be placed in ampler context, that is, of the quarrel of the relations and of papers of men and women in the society. This is called question sort. This […]

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