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New Republic

The bands had appeared of coretos and military I cry and it; modinha? important musical sort created in Portugal, responsible for the melodicos and romantic aspects of great influence until the New Republic; the production of music religious, or lyric; lundu African? it dances African of meneios and sapateados, he will be one of the […]


Much worried in preventing abuses, prevarication and improper use of the Public Thing. What it really provoked the destruction of the application of Theory X was certainly its incapacity to produce the results desired, since the human being cannot be treated as a machine. To understand psique human being and to place it in favor […]

Bear Stearns

While everything is confusion, from the financial system it has been tried unfruitfully to the moment, the rescue of Lehman Brothers. The British bank Barclays Plc (LSE: BARC; NYSE: BCS), that was interested initially in their acquisition, has not managed to reach an agreement to obtain the support of others organizations, or the contribution of […]

Although Science

However this process due to the volume of information, gave origin to others disciplines distinct demanding that the researcher to dominate them if became a specialist, with specific knowledge of a specific science In the two last ones centuries had appeared, firming itself with contundncia, a infinity of you discipline specialized – each one responsible […]

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