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Prize Nobel

Therefore, it is understood that social responsibility is the act of the company if to worry beyond its basic tasks, prioritizing the conscience that it needs to help who is its return, beyond its collaborators. 2,1 SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: SENSITIVITY OR INTEREST? The organization that adopts the social responsibility actively search for envolvement and comprometimento, searchs […]


Boarding: To compliment yours truly? To gain confidence? To show interested? It understands it and if to make to understand? To know to say farewell itself? Name or heading MR.? Cuts and considerate? Not it privacy? Eyes: not to be facing or facing? Caution in the questionings? If to delay can ask for excuses? It […]

The Companies

Also they present better performance in the activities that require abilities or specialized jobs, mainly those of more specific character, as the hand of workmanship in equipment weighed, as tractor escavadeiras. They can find better marketing spaces in this segment, therefore generally its collaborators are trained to execute services in all the marks. To invest […]


Industrial accident is on directly to the conditions of the physical environment and the exercise of the activity developed in the same. Some causes of accidents occur in virtue me the use or absence of the equipment of individual protection (EPI) and collective (EPC) in the workstation. The incorrect use of these equipment exists for […]

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