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Brazilian Infantry

In this context of construction of the riotintense space Macedo (1986) he affirms: ‘ ‘ The done houses of bricks and roofing tiles in the period of 1920/48. The pharmacy, the church, the pertaining to school group, weekly fairs, recreativos clubs and bakeries had been constructed in the year of 1923. In 1940, the large […]


Welinton Dos Santos is economist, palestrante Will be really the chance of Brazil in the international context? Many characteristics of the economy take the foreign investor to perceive that the country is in process of frank growth, belonging to a select group of countries that grows the respectable taxes, although the challenges faced with international […]

The Development

To achieve the target path should see the class as part of a system that is composed of subject, course and the rest of other subjects, and only when class is properly linked with the anterior and the posterior of the same subject and which are developed in other subjects, you can hope to contribute […]

Mining Machinery Development

Mining machinery consists of a wide variety of industrial equipment which is characterized by complex structure, large demand and wide applications. According to different uses, mining machinery can roughly be divided into digging equipment, lifting equipment, narrow rail transport equipment, crushing and grinding equipment, ore screening equipment, washing and selection equipment, drying equipment, etc. Mining […]

Brazil Process

In this in case that, the municipal budget, until then domain of the Government, passes for a process of direct participation of the community through planejamentos, proposals, deliberations and fiscalizations. It initiates a new process for the public managers: to create conditions favorable techniques and institutions for the participation of different representative actors of the […]

Processing Pressure

Metal forming processes are widely used in many industries: aviation, railroad car, shipbuilding, machinery, etc. For example, a car at 75-80% consists of parts received methods OMD.K processes include the processes of OMD hot and cold forging, rolling, precipitation, forging, bending, piercing, drawing and many others. The individual methods of MCH include the processes of […]

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