Archives for May, 2011

Proper Trademark

Trademarks – a designation that identifies the goods and services with a particular person and distinguish them from goods and services produced by others. A well-designed brand attracts buyers creates a positive image of the manufacturer, indicates the quality of products and, of course, brings good money. Brand – like the banner. It can pick […]

Coaching Coaching And Vocation

A bit of prehistory: more than 15,000 years ago we went away from the Trust and Natural Prosperity the Universe that we as living beings in our stage of being nomadic and sedentary transform beings, we possess the (and Property) a virtue we went away gradually from Becoming and we set and define the “Be”, […]

Engine Issues

Without doubt the best and most secure in that there is no foreign element accessible to the foreign friends, so it is impossible to manipulate the engine. Electrobrake: Consists of a locking mechanism of the engine by a spring and when the engine is stopped, the shutter is locked at the point where it is […]

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