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Technician Drawing

To the measure that the technology if develops, the ilustrador of fashion has the choice to work with the pureness of the art? pencil, penxs, brush, crayon, esferogrfica penxs, glue, aerograph, ink? or still with the computer, or to combine the two. The choice of the approach and the technique is so limitless how much […]

Christian Democratic Party

Mariano Ruiz Mariano Ruiz-Esquide Esquide (born 10 May 1930, at Talcahuano) is a Chilean politician and surgeon. He studied medicine at the University of Concepci n, where he was leader of the Center for Medical Students and the Students Federation of Concepcion. When graduating from college he joined the Christian Democratic Party, was elected as […]

The Coaching Psychology Unit

The coaching for life coach was born a few decades ago (although some authors do not agree), in sports. Can be considered the starting gun gave Tim Gallwey in his book ‘The Inner Game of Tennis’. By the definitions of various authors try to define what is coaching. Worth and Jose L. Christian Menendez authors […]

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