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Alessandro Martini

One of the founding fathers of Martini & Rossi, Alessandro Martini, served in Distilleria Nazionale da Spirito di Vino commercial agent, and another, Luigi Rossi – the main expert on herbs and wine. It was he who found a unique combination of herbs, spices and wine, which is still used for cooking vermouth. The first […]


All right, we get to the point. Now learn how it can work: this business plan can be implemented in a very short time. It is a legitimate permitted business opportunity and a perfect instrument for making money is. You must sell nothing, it does not, require that you talk to your friends, acquaintances and […]

Discount Pharmacies

Also today, in retail sales are used to activate a range of tools for increasing customer loyalty. One of them – discount programs of various types. These include conducting time-limited action promotions, in addition, demand management automation to work with physicians and the possibility to book the goods by phone. However, in addition to tasks […]


Harvey (1999, p.9) affirms in its workmanship After-Modern Condition, to examine of simplified form the politician-economic beddings, going deep later regarding ‘ ‘ experience of the space and the time as singularly important mediating bond enters the dynamism of the description-geographic development of the capitalism and complexes processes of cultural production and transformation ideolgica’ ‘ […]

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