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The Birth

No child has the fault of my decisions or our decisions in pair therefore it is necessary to give all elements for this infant to have a life filled with resources so that over time, you fly with its own wings maternity and paternity is socially considered an unsurpassed value, and indeed, it is not, […]

Purchasing Power

The detail is that good part of VV customers are companies that sell products and services mainly aimed at population groups that have sufficient purchasing power to be subscribed (or subscribe) to a cable TV or satellite service and these companies must already have their doubts of what in terms of marketing and sales can […]

PGG Wrightson Ltd

Among them there are agricultural companies like PGG Wrightson Ltd., of New Zealand, and Adecoagro (endorsed by George Soros). The agrarian policy generated a fort increase in the value of earth and is why many have decided to sell them to foreign investors except for Mr. Gramont, farmer of 66 years that it affirmed: nonselvage […]

The Test

(Obtain report cases seen according to category of patients). Results of test 1: maximum response time the option to obtain report cases seen according to category of patients: 2.1 sec results average time: 0.4 sec % error: 50% in the proven option. Answers in bytes: 9.2 kb/sec table 1.2 results of test 1. Test 2: […]

William Holmes

The gold jewels and figures, the pieces of ceramics, metates and the worked stones of Chiriqu are so similar to those of Talamanca in their form and its adornments, that seem facts by a same town. The same does not happen if these objects with works of art of the Chibchas are compared, because the […]

Original Enzyme

Thus, we have enzymes to digest the starch, other that capture proteins and other able ones to separate the greasy ones. Each enzyme requires special conditions of acidity to act with the maximum effectiveness. The body is at readiness to provide these conditions in the different organs implied in the digestion, in agreement with the […]


It is truth that the biological, cultural, psychological factors and of education influence and determine that of, or no, a violent conduct in the home. It would seem that the patriarcado one badly still understood takes capricious forms in the form of violence, aggression, control, blows, mistreats to determine the forms and ways of the […]

Arthur Toscanini

It contributes tambin to us that The one that demanded perfection to itself and to its turned it musicians into ” teacher assoluto” , celebrated, admired and venerated in all the scenes of the world, from New York to Milan. Some remember plus their attacks of fury that its music. When Arthur Toscanini got […]

The Productivity

Not only that the friend at work the commitment and the Productivity increases. It reduces accidents in the operation up to 20%. The sick leave is there measurably lower. The thefts by employees sink into commercial enterprises. Customer satisfaction with such ventures is 5-10% higher. Hence the profit significantly higher dropping out is obvious. For […]

Best Product

Take the two best according to you and try both in its marketing campaign. Step # 3 What is there in your product to them? Sit down and write all imaginable benefits that has your product. Do you not know the difference between features and benefits? The characteristics speak of the product itself (shape, size, […]

Dzungaria Products

All of these products had another common feature – they are convenient for direct use in cold. Thus, the Kazakh cuisine, if it applied today concept, was largely a cold kitchen table. Products of agriculture later entered the Kazakh menu. The first seed that became known then occupied the Kazakhs and mainstreamed in their kitchen […]

Sylitol Konzentrat

Now you know what to do. But in order to render stayed on the ground, filling in the plaster and paint on the putty to use a primer (usually forget about it or just save). There is a simple molar truth – “What is the basis of currents and cover!” The choice of ground for […]

Jean Piaget

Ahead of the observed one in practical in the institution-field, one notices that this type of education modality comes to take care of to the unit of the pupil-worker, who for diverse reasons had not been capable to inside conclude its studies of the period destined to the same ones. Stimulated for the new forms […]

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