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The title of this article is, as you can read: SE TU same. The foregoing is, if I may call it that, a concept; a substantial concept in any activity that we conduct our lives and of any nature that this is. In my daily work, with consequential damages interpersonal relationships, I have noticed, as, […]

Invoice Electronically

If you have a small business or a small or medium enterprise and you’re starting, you should be very well informed to what is the process of invoice. Do not stay with the doubt and consults the best and new ways of doing this with electronic billing. With the new electronic billing method you won’t […]

Creativity Influences

Today with the market changes, it is necessary to put into practice in companies or organizations an operational creativity, that facilitates alternatives, tools, strategies, guidelines and specific actions to be undertaken. For this reason, the expert, Eduardo Kastika, defines creativity in companies and businesses such as the ability to achieve different results. Entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs, directors, […]

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