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The History Of Ikea From A Business To A Multinational

In April they opened a giant store in Jerez and next month they will do the same in the city of A Coruna, but IKEA seems to not only comply with the continuous opening of new centers, but it demonstrates a firm commitment to remodel and expand the surface of their existing centers, as the […]

SMS Marketing

It is very difficult to imagine the life of modern man without a specific device, such as a strong and honorable, took the mobile phone. In Ukraine, the number of “gamers” outnumber fixed-line phones – It is proof that the information revolution in our country has already occurred. And today a “mobile” is not just […]

Mobile Telephony

Currently, mobile telephony has more than 3,300 million users around the world; SMS being the most used tool in various fields of work and everyday life. The amount of text messages is significantly higher than the telephone calls; so its use has spread to various areas of daily life and business. In this article you […]

Catering Services

If we want to start their own businesses and we are passionate about the topic of gastronomy, but we do not have sufficient capital to open a restaurant, a good alternative (especially if we have passion for service) is to create a catering company. A catering company is a company that provides food and beverages […]

Housewives With Money And Business

He has felt that they spend their days and more days always doing the same things to the care of the home, family, slope of all but there is no economic reward for that reason? And not to mention that many times not even thank you receive and to fill thinks that home work is […]

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