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Baby Baptism Dresses

The baptism of children is one of those special moments in your life that will provide an opportunity to dress for your big day. These are precious moments boy and his spiritual birth, and a time to celebrate with family and friends. Must be the center of attention, the child has to do very well, […]

Womens Day March

For the long-awaited spring. Things got to wake up, leaving behind the cold and snow. Nature comes alive with spirits, thawing from the cold. Becomes warmer in the street and in the soul. Along with spring comes to us most wonderful, feminine celebration – March 8, which for so long waiting for many of us. […]


Depending on the size and width, you can use them as tracks, on sofas and rugs chairs, or hang on the wall. With regard to patterns and colors in carpet weaving in Azerbaijan allocated a number of traditional schools. carpet – mottled, multicolored, usually with a red background, and the master of Ganja and gases […]

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