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Social Construction

For some, history is crucial to the construction of objective reality and Berger and Luckmann put it “In The Social Construction of Reality” (1966) present a journey through the history of institutions and their role in society since the theory of knowledge. His intention is to place the way humans get objectify certain degree of […]

Alignment With Business

Alignment with business objectives Organizations today make significant investments in information technology resources to support business processes. The value meaningful and relevant to the use of this information is for organizations, determined that all processes relating to production, administration and service utilization of Information Technology (IT) should be optimally managed and controlled to ensure the […]

Franchising System

History In 1984, Sauk City, George Culver buys the A W in Phillips Boulevard (USA. Highway 12), and began renovating. On 17 July, along with his wife Ruth, son Craig, and daughter Leah, opened the first restaurant that bears his name. Despite its current popularity, the restaurant struggled mightily, losing money the first year and […]

How Can I Remove Warts

Warts are small, hard growths on the skin caused mainly by a virus. The best way to remove warts in a professional manner is by visiting a dermatologist, but if bets on natural remedies, garlic may be a natural ingredient that helps their elimination.There are several different methods for removing warts yourself, but keep in […]

Great Entrepreneur

If you are looking for the way to be or become an entrepreneur, I have news for you, you do not need to have been born an entrepreneur, you simply must: to)-have curiosity b)-have the intention of becoming one c)-train yourself up over not being able to you finds in this simple but powerful article […]

Second Hand Cars

According to a report released by automobiles AutoScout 24 platform, European countries with a higher salary per inhabitant are those who show a greater condition toward so-called cars mileuristas, i.e. second hand with low price and high mileage cars. These countries are Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany, while Spain, Italy and France, countries with less […]

State Fairgrounds

I was about to start a country music concert. At least four people were killed Sunday and 40 injured to collapse a scenario of the enclosure where celebrates the annual Indianapolis (EE UU) due to a strong gust of wind fair, as reported by the Department of security of Indianapolis. The authorities reported that the […]

Design Use

In the face of ever rising energy prices and, at times simply because of the inability to connect to a central network, you want to have energy-efficient house and volatile, which could function independently and thus provide the owner a level of comfort. Is it possible to build such a house? Experts say that when […]

Aesthetic Center

May 04 Course initiation digital identity: directed to entrepreneurs Mnica Carratal I am decided to write an article battery with the purpose of to give to support those companies that have still not created their digital identity (from the page Web to the use of social means), and that they very clearly do not know […]

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