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Economy And Braudel

This widening of the historical document vision, however, would be alone an initial stage of true ‘ ‘ revolution documental’ ‘ that it is produced from years 60. One is about a revolution, at the same time, qualitative and quantitative. Beyond terms a history that passed if to worry about the masses of the society […]

Developing A Successful Website

The most important condition for the development of the site is a competition of subjects and your budget. I want to give good advice, if you want quality and a successful site, the money to spare in any case it is not necessary. Prices may vary depending on various reasons. That’s one of those reasons […]

The Process

This indicates that the distance between plant and plant must be of 20 to 30 cm between each of them. If this space is reduced there will be a competition for the available light causing a decrease in growth and production 3. As to make each flower generate a fruit (pollination) pollination is the process […]

Developing Game

At the 3rd year the child begins to play properly they have heard the melody, and to develop those skills necessary ‘sound’ game. Piano and karaoke, and various musical instruments, orchestra and create a home will give your child an idea of the music world. Let your little one in an arsenal of pencils will […]

Cognitive Development Through Play

The cognitive area refers to how the child is becoming aware of itself and its environment, as separate entities. As it develops, its relations with objects or people around him become more complex. Therefore, the main objective of this area is that the child develop cognitive strategies that can adapt to the problems to be […]


Summary critical-text: The limits of the development (Walter Carlos) and Development, space and supports (Street Joo) the texts have as main points the quarrel of the limits, space and support of the global development and its consequences for humanity, such process was fruit of the effective politics, come from internal wars of the regimen of […]

Development Communication

By the time they start school vocabulary the child grows so that it can easily be explained with another person about, and things of everyday life within the scope of his interests (from 3000 to 7000 words). The need for communication determines the development of speech. Specify that in our case, we consider it as […]


Our world, unfortunately, is not such a happy and harmonious some would like. People are in conflict, fight, hate each other, of course from that, we do not become happier. Why is this happening, because we all want to be happy may not be there and not look so happy? There are certain spiritual laws, […]

Novel Development

Somehow I have already said that only a general understanding of developments in the novel and almost do not know how it will end. Most of all I fear his own temperament, because if I was too early to understand what the outcome story, then I will not be interesting, and improvisation on a given […]

13 Steps To Developing An Effective Web Site

We have tried to highlight the main steps are passed, you can get a really efficient assistant in your business – a web site that will help your company to the next level. Step 1 – Determine what your company expects from the site. First of all, it is necessary to identify the main tasks […]

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