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National Week

THIRD day we do a summary of these days, we started talking about the year of the Eucharist as the Center, as an introduction, then went to consider that our Eucharist liturgy is always an encounter, but with who we are?, with Christ present in the Assembly, the Minister, the word, and the sacrament. Then […]


Receptionist Receptionist or reception area is the face of the company. Reception area, who came into your office people, the first thing falls in it. Just her appearance seems like about the company and its leader. The first impression is usually the strongest and subsequently its already difficult to change. That’s why your job as […]

Cataloguing Principles

Both in the preliminary edition of Chaplin (International Conference on Cataloguing Principles, 1966) as in the final of Verona (International Conference on Cataloguing Principles, 1971), referred to the absence of another function that must meet a catalog: the provide the location of the resources registered. This absence is explained by the fact that this function […]

Fireplaces Nowadays

Fireplaces are a perfect complement to reinforce the feeling of stability and solidity of a home. On many occasions, fireplaces incorporate elements found in house of years ago, which give the rooms a homely and warm feeling, it is always best to seek advice before and take into account the security measures. There are cases […]

Message Management

And the games that use the email no less. Not everything is negotiable by email does not seem appropriate to use email as a tool in phases or in the most sensitive aspects of the negotiation. Nor is it an effective tool when the relationship may deteriorate by going through a phase of vulnerability, when […]


Horses often experience digestive problems ranging from indigestion, gas, heartburn more severe conditions such as colic and gastric ulcers. These problems cause extreme discomfort and can have potentially severe consequences for the health of your horse. What causes digestive problems in horses? Horses digestion problems occur as a result of ingest toxic plants, foreign objects, […]

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