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3. Eat 6 – 5 meals a day instead of 3 meals. Consumption of foods short is much more beneficial that eat the usual 3 big meals a day. This is because to eat less food, on a regular basis, it is constantly feeding your body with the fuel that can burn. Instead of eating […]


Dribbling the culture, the more frequent veranistas and foreigners had finished discovering that the approach to the native one was conditio sine qua non for the preservation of its physical integrity and permanence in the place. The approach continues giving itself by means of the alcoholic beverage payment, chance where they sit down it bar […]

The Principal

Approval or denial for loan modification within 30 days of receipt of a homeowner’s application. Additional information is available at Eric Valente. Three months trial modification given to qualified borrowers which become Permanent automatically. In case of denial, homeowners must be offered on option of short sale or a deed-in-lieu to transfer to more affordable […]

Magnetic Holder

Marker dry safe, you can forget public for several days, and it does not dry out. (Source: Anne Lauvergeon). Necessary accessories: you can do, but is it worth? Cleaning brush for the white boards – a handy tool to erase from the surface of the boards, it is nice when the magnetic, can be mounted […]

Winter Garden

The cellar can be located on the site itself, but more often it is done under the house and called a subfield. Garage building as a separate standing, and locked with the economic premises or in or adjacent to the house, or built into it. In the latter case from the garage into the interior […]

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