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Russian Finance Ministry

Technological feature of the construction business requires a regular supply of building materials to objects, as well as movement of materials between facilities construction. Thus, developers are faced with the transport and procurement costs. In this article we look at what expenses can be considered as transport and procurement, and how to reflect those costs […]

Potential Energy Savings

2.In the determination of the structure and magnitude of the potential energy savings, the difference between the possible energy-efficient state enterprises and actual (task no less difficult, it is necessary that the energy saving potential has been structured by types of energy consuming items, as well as on the factors that shape the energy saving […]

Social Networking

Social Networking! They firmly part of our lives. Most likely you are registered and regularly attend one, and maybe some social networking! Every day there are hundreds of registrations are sent thousands of messages, There are hundreds of thousands of status updates to each of the popular social networking sites! How is among giants such […]

Professional Website Promotion

Today, modern television and radio and even an abundance of outdoor advertising only annoy people. Unlike advertising in traditional media, search engine optimization unobtrusively. Internet users themselves refers to the search of certain goods and services and chooses which site to go to him. Search engine promotion site provides a significant advantage over competitors. The […]

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