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I’m going to clarify, that although many factors that I will mention can be advantages for some, may be the opposite for others. Advantages of the freelance. 1. The first advantage and most obvious is that you have the possibility to plan and define your working hours. Being freelance has this advantage, you can decide […]

The Internet is Your Base of Operations

And I’m not exaggerating, if you go to work on the Internet, this is your BASE OF OPERATIONS, everything goes from there, Most Internet users do not have the perseverance, the tenacity and persistence necessary for success, they leave when “almost were” coming. Success is always a little ahead of what we believe. It is […]

Home Decorating

They say that the happy man is one who wants to go in the morning to work, and in the evening want to come back home! And you want to be this happy, is not it? On a good job, we somehow talk another time, but on the house, where very much want to come […]

Motivational Behavior

It does not have a theory that it guarantees the motivation, therefore to assume that the same stimulatons cause the same reactions in all the collaborators are to menosprezar its individualities. Each one reacts in different way the similar stimulatons, a time that the necessities and the yearnings vary of person for person in function […]

Public Schools

I deduce that it would be important to have the composed Advice of Classroom for absolute majority of pupils with the managers of the school, to question practical and commitments teaching. The Advice of Classroom in the majority of the Schools (mainly public), follows an exceeded paradigm, with speaks on the pupils () of form […]

Where Do German Freelancers Live?

The current release of project work project work market monitor of December according to Hamburg in the ranking of project density in the first place is located. But how to spread the number of freelancers on the German cities? The current market monitor project work is this question. Not surprisingly, Hamburg here occupies the leading […]

Shanghai German Professor

The DCM in Dusseldorf is chosen with care: Dusseldorf is the most dynamic Chinastandort in Germany. 280 Chinese companies are in the city resident, 2,300 Chinese live and work there. Also over 18 million people in North Rhine-Westphalia live”, says the Managing Director. And the media industry in North Rhine-Westphalia is characterized by a very […]

Fleurop Internet

Nevertheless, decides they must accept a jury about the placements and their opinion. That should be aware of each participant if he turns a competition. You have no flower shop, where they focus on marketable bouquets and arrangements, but working as a freelance Floral designer for an international customer base. It was always clear to […]

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