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Large Commercial Areas

Their large commercial areas, their affordable prices, the U.S. dollar as legal tender, the Colon free zone and the huge Banking Center are some of the factors that make the country, a great tourist destination. Panama: Bridge of the world and heart of the universe is the phrase that it simplifies the wonders that this […]

Holistic Boarding

The ralao of the man with the nature implies in one old convivncia of this with the relief establishing the different forms of use and occupation of lands, as the dynamics of the external and internal factors, that is, of the endogenous and exgenos processes. Ambient sciences with its character integrator search in the Geomorfologia, […]

America Threat

I think that both the versions have something of ‘ ‘ truth and of mito’ ‘ , however we must remember that each one of the social groups, are liberal they or leftist it has its interests, ideologies and concern in constructing an image of defenders of the interests of the people, before the media. […]

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