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Intellectual Property Management Firm

It should identify the following main factors determining the strategy for intellectual property management firm: – Marketing strategy, Production – The capacity of markets, both existing and potential – the presence or absence of competitors – Industry activity. In determining the IP management strategy should be to identify existing intellectual property assets and their legal […]

Audio Advertising

The meaning of any advertising campaign – to keep people in suspense, tell him about the brand or appearance of new market players, which, of course, it’s much better than others. In this regard, audio advertising is not exception, but at the same time, it has many significant advantages over other means of information processing […]

Corporate Identity Logos

Logo is the basis of other graphic and visual components of corporate identity. Depending on your particular activities they may be business cards, letterhead papers, envelopes, CDs, packaging you can enumerate a long time. But do not abuse the creative enthusiasm and brand logo of everything. Easiest understand that the ordinary things is transformed into […]

Motivating Employees

Self-interest: to work productively be in the comfort of Motivation, following up on the scale of money – personal gain. This desire for better, more comfortable conditions for their existence in the company. Thus, the motive of personal gain can become a separate room with a nice view from the window, convenient for the individual […]

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