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Expansion Of The Miniature Wonderland Short Term Secured In The Speicherstadt

HHLA initiates real estate an ideal solution in block D of the historic district at the initiative of the Speicherstadt developer HHLA real estate managed the development of new areas for a speedy expansion of the miniature now Wonderland, the largest model railway in the world. The exhibition is one of the great success stories […]

Home Ownership

Detailed Directory provides new construction projects in the capital before Berlin & Brandenburg. In the new year the Berlin boom should continue: condos in the metropolis will tend to be more popular. By approximately 9 percent, North German Landesbausparkassen Berlin – Hannover are in accordance with the published fresh price mirrors of the LBS”(LBS North) […]

German GmbH

Maria terminal.de-full service nationwide at the flat rate of Maria terminal.de offers a complete service for all date representations in the foreclosure proceedings. The Internet service nationwide aimed at banks and debt holders, lawyers and Registrar. A comprehensive range offers registered users. Of the assignment of the legal assessment of the application wishes, to the […]

Thomas Filor Conservation

It is something special to live in heritage-listed real estate. Magdeburg, 24.10.2013. A historic Mill, a water tower or an art nouveau villa. However, the building should be renovated, numerous requirements must be observed by the owner. To successfully implement the requirements of monument, professionals such as experienced architect and monument Conservator should be consulted […]

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