Alessandro Martini

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One of the founding fathers of Martini & Rossi, Alessandro Martini, served in Distilleria Nazionale da Spirito di Vino commercial agent, and another, Luigi Rossi – the main expert on herbs and wine. It was he who found a unique combination of herbs, spices and wine, which is still used for cooking vermouth. The first product the company was sweet vermouth, Martini Rosso. The idea of dry vermouth Italians borrowed later by the French. Energy and talent of Martini and Rossi could be the envy of many of today's marketers. They, like locomotives, pushing his child around the world, doing a lot of effort to ensure that the drink was not only recognizable and popular, but became one of the world's top spirits brands. The company Martini & Rossi has established distribution network worldwide. Efforts of seniors were not in vain.

In the second half of the xix century Martini gathered a record number of awards – more than forty. In xx century, the descendants of Martini and Rossi gives even more dynamic strategy of the founding fathers company, making the drink with the world-renowned name in a symbol of refinement and bohemian. Favorite character of the western cinema beau James Bond – is not the only fan of Martini: like him, many stars Hollywood, not only on screen but in real life. Not bypassed vermouth and attention Writers 0. Henry, Hemingway, London, Maugham. As befits a legendary brands, a unique recipe cooking vermouth Martini is shrouded in mystery. As According to experts Bacardi-Martini (that way since 1992, called the company), this secret is known only to a narrow circle of persons.

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