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Working conditions in global production plants increasingly into the Centre of public perception. Taking social is for manufacturers and manufacturing companies Responsibility in the supply chain an increasingly important competitive factor. This applies all the more if the products with a strong brand name occur and are so emotionally charged and more back in the focus of the consumer. Systain assumes that the management of social compliance in the supply chain in the future will be an integral part of modern business models. Social compliance requirements are integrated into the supply chain.

A similar development as from the 1990s in Germany is expected. At that time began German companies systematically suppliers to offer their quality requirements. Working conditions must be understood as an integral part of the supply chain management and strategically anchored. In this context Systain indicates in particular that isolated individual activities such as audits are alone not goal-oriented from the core business. It is less the question of whether the risky industries did move, but as,”summarizes Kal the conclusion of the study.

A gear tailored to business needs by Social compliance management in the supply chain with the core business is the key point. On the issue of quality, the integration has already successfully implemented for many the task will now be industries, comprehensively tackle potential social ills in the supply chain. The key messages of the study are as follows: 60% of all working hours in demand abroad are risky. The industries have followed by automotive, logistics, furniture industry, machine building and chemical industry the largest social compliance risk, textiles, tourism, electronics, food and construction. The responsibility goes beyond the supplier relationship, many risks materialise until much deeper in the supply chain (suppliers and their preliminary chain). Working conditions can be improved in the long term only if work processes change suppliers, as well as in the shopping structures of companies. “The full study competitive factor social compliance management” as well as printable graphics are available by following this link to the Download available: press/press release-2 / about Systain Systain applied corporate responsibility. Systain is an internationally active CSR strategy consulting. As an expert in global and complex value, Systain finds answers to global challenges in the areas of environmental, working and production conditions. With innovative tools and methodologies developed and implemented Systain tailored strategies, systems, and structures efficiently and accurately. Headquarters in Hamburg as well as the offices in Berlin, Shanghai and Istanbul, the interdisciplinary expert team developed successful concepts for clients from trade, industry and the services sector.

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