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However this process due to the volume of information, gave origin to others disciplines distinct demanding that the researcher to dominate them if became a specialist, with specific knowledge of a specific science In the two last ones centuries had appeared, firming itself with contundncia, a infinity of you discipline specialized – each one responsible one for a small fraction, or specialty of restricted science the distinct specialists who had started to only dominate its specialty. In order to surpass the movement of specialization of science and to surpass the spalling of the knowledge in diverse areas of study and research, a new concept appears, of the interdisciplinaridade as a possible reply to the necessity of a epistemolgica reevaluation. Sciences or forms of acquisition of knowledge still search a dialogue to pluridisciplinar (multi, Inter and transdisciplinares). The paradigm appears thus of the complexity (of Edgar Morin) 10. One is about a complex thought that objective the association of the diverse ones you discipline, sciences, or knowledge of diverse instances of the reality, without, however, fundiz them. This complex thought, although diverse principles, with origin in the antiquity, perpassando for modernity after-modernity, is a line of direction that if develops to the measure that advances, in its proper one to make and to if rethink continuously. This idea that involves the transdisciplinaridade of the phenomena searchs the change of the preset models and abandons the characteristic reducionismo – originary of sciences that if base on the scientific inquiry in all the fields – passing to the creativity and the complex and dynamic systems. Although this complex net of thought to if classifying a science we must to consider that it is only that has limits or well defined interfaces. One is still about a systematization process or referencial where formal divisions and sub-divisions are used characterized for classrooms, areas and sub-areas tipificando given conceptualizations and definitions how much the relative purpose, principles, beddings and methods to the study and agreement of the nature, the man and the society.

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