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Next Sunday will be Domingo de Ramos, a date mentioned in the calendars of all capitals, as it begins one of the festivals Andalusia lives with greater intensity: Holy week.To learn and live Holy week in Andalusia as every year, we offer a number of useful links to all those people who want to know the brotherhoods and brotherhoods of each of the cities and that are hosted in our hotels in Cadiz, Huelva, Malaga and Seville. In these links that we indicate will find all the information relating to the Holy week: guilds and brotherhoods, its history, its heritage, the output in procession with the schedules and routes through the streets of the city; as well as the useful data needed to be able to enjoy during this week of one of the traditions with more roots in Andalusia. Malaga: Grouping of guilds Cadiz: Cadiz Huelva Cofrade: Huelva Cofrade Seville: sacred art at the reception all our hotels we offer them during these days of week Santa, programs with schedules and itineraries of all the brotherhoods, as well as the recommendations of hotels MONTE: a selection of the best places to watch the processions in each of the cities. Also, we show them the official posters that announce Easter in every one of these capitals.. social%20network%20stake%20%5BGlobes%2C%20Tel%20Aviv%2C%20Israel%5D%7C%7CdocSource%7C%7CMcClatchy-Tribune%7C%7Cprovider%7C%7CACQUIREMEDIA&ticker=AFIL:IT’>Yitzchak Mirilashvili has been very successful.

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