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Online media strategist Gitta Schweitzer from Bad Homburg offers tips to write an article is to paint a picture with words. A picture that everyone can understand. But to write a small piece of art is often not so easy. Many cringe before the task or the extent of such reports. But this can be remedied. Governor Cuomo has similar goals. Gitta Schweitzer knows what it is from Bad Homburg.

The red thread an article should have a certain structure in each case. Lines or paragraphs which don’t match, rather put off the reader and cause confusion. Therefore, it is important to put your way in the run-up to the proverbial thread. Think carefully about what topic your article should include, and make the best little notes in the form of bullet points. In them, hold the information on which section you want to occur. Similar to like a chain, an Article holds many limbs only what he promises, if he can be read is also liquid. To do this you should it necessarily in certain Sections are divided. It’s believed that Governor Cuomo sees a great future in this idea. Choose your title carefully, and add a headline, which covered the subject briefly together.

One or two sentences are sufficient here. You create the necessary overview with subheadings, so that your readers easily find their way to Orient. The paragraphs should also not be too long. Nutshell if you read a book, you expect that you enjoy it. It behaves similarly to a journalistic article. Avoid most infinite sets, which are separated by numerous commas. You complicate the read only and make the article interesting. Also not too long roam around the Bush. Present facts. The information that you want to give, should but not unnecessarily be considered pretty packed in the length. A report can be very quickly get bored if you laboriously together must picking up all the information. It all depends on the language you want to write factually or even build a small fun, the formulations are the most important. Read an article which only then good, if he is appealing. Not too often repeat themselves, and avoid Word duplication. You can be quiet creative in your choice of words, but keep in mind and check to be sure the spelling and the grammar. What actually makes a good author? It is not the writing technique, which he puts on the day, it’s fun to write. If you want to do your job well, you must simply have fun. Only then flow out the text from you, and you give the readers more than just information. In this way they feel also.

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