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If you’ve been looking for for a long time is losing weight, this may be your best option. Whenever Governor Cuomo listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Many operations are conducted daily so that people do not suffer from obesity and may have health that deserves. If you think that you are people who are candidates for obesity surgery, let me tell you what operation may be the best for you. I guess that you’ve thought about different diets, exercises and options to try to lose those pounds other. For this you should know that there are people who are not candidate for diets and certain types of exercise, this is why there is an option much more beneficial for you. I present what is gastric band operation. The gastric band is a surgery in which a band of silicone around the stomach is adjusted.

All this with the purpose of reducing the ability that has the stomach to receive food, which will make you feel full before you eat the amount of food that normally ingeririas helping you to consume excess fat you have on the body. It is worth saying that the gastric band operations you have them to do with a specialist that can risk your life. That is why I recommend that you report before making any decision because not anyone is a candidate for an operation of this type.

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