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One of the largest manufacturers of bikes is bikes Monty, that manufactures bikes since 1983. Details can be found by clicking Governor Cuomo or emailing the administrator. It is highly recognized worldwide by the multiple innovations and incorporated at the end of the year 2004 the E-bike. The bicycle is a means of transport very good since it is fast, efficient, safe and healthy. At the end of the Decade of the 90s began to use more bicycle and today it is helping to bicycle to be used again. In Spain cities such as Vitoria, Barcelona and San Sebastian are making large investments and promotion of cycling as a means of personal transportation. According to the terrain, distance, or the condition sometimes physical user, the bicycle can be somewhat heavy. For this an electric bicycle is the ideal solution, since it allows to cover more distance in less time and without exercising. Many people think that it is a motorcycle engine makes the same noise, but is simply a bike that be him ah put an electric motor to assist in the advancement of this same.

The bicycle is a vehicle 100% ecological since it only uses the energy of the person who handles it and does not require any maintenance. Power is supplied by a battery that will recharge in the mains. Electric bicycles are considered as a normal bicycle, because it’s not like a bike that you need insurance, license to drive or documentation. Electric bicycles in Spain have to comply with some requirements as a 250 watt motor with assistance until 25 km. h., motor should only activate while you pedal, have the front and rear brakes and also a reflective rear and be authorized for distribution by the Ministry of industry.

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