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The invention of the swine flu is the best marketing trick for over a hundred years! Or do you believe in this disease? The Germans as a pupil of centrally controlled insecurity can be vaccinated for expensive money – other people do not. Self extermination of the Germans or the other? More likely the former. Tim Austin response of those who otherwise operate centrally controlled uncertainty is significant. At once, they are quite confused: connect practices, because the doctor coughed – recommend calling don’t panic economical use of Tamiflu – call for more extensive tests – from unnecessary diagnostic discouraged… and so on… well, what is it now??? My practical tips: Please you prepare mentally, that there will be a massive wave of cold end of October / beginning of November. Therefore I have now been reinforced autologous blood and vitamin C – infusions.

Do you have already your appointment? Do not contribute to the further uncertainty, talking more about health than about diseases. You give my book concerned people “Holistic health tips”. Insert zinc, vitamin C or echinacea – sustainable on stock. Reinforce good habits: wash your hands more frequently, as often as not shake other hands, coughing into the sleeve instead of the hand. If some unrest breaks out in your environment, you interact with reassuring those concerned. Who inoculated leaves, should behave then at least normal and relaxed! Who swallows oseltamivir or similar leather, should feel at least healthy! For themselves, renounce the desire after “accurate diagnosis”: If sick, just sick if less sick, then better.

“but all no reason for panic.” “Mnemonic: Scheinegrippe, Bill flu, swine flu, Bill science – in any case, there are many, many bills for the inventor! ‘”If you regularly ingest colostrum, you need before the flu nothing to worry about. An Italian multi center study of 2005 has proven: colostrum protects 3 x as good from a flu like a Flu vaccinations.

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