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What can I do to make the practice of that wonderful ability to have or that you enjoy what you make in the way of living? a I might tell you in a counter job, but what you will always liked painting, or you’re a psychologist but life wanted to study international relations, or that you love fishing but have 4 children to support. Are you hopeless? … Of course not. Remember that the world is waiting for you to express that gift or gifts (talents, aspirations, dreams) you were entertained. When the exercise, this study makes it fill you with boundless energy, projecting strength and conviction in everything you do. If you deny you’re crippling your growth and the people around you too, as he shows his gift also expands the persons with whom they interact. Looking for ways to carry it out. And if you can quit your job even when you are not satisfied so, then finds the opportunity, outside or inside it, for that which you really full.

If you are really determined, you will find the form. Do not just sit and idle. Everything depends on you for no more than you can take action on your part. Animate! Adeje ago inaction, fight for your true happiness and become a self-motivated leader all the time! Leticia Barrios / Developing leadership skills and motivation Leticia Barrios helps executives with leadership positions in small and medium enterprises to develop their skills leadership and motivation to achieve results. Subscribe to e-newsletter and get FREE strategies that will help you become an executive (a) with power.

Tourist studied Business Administration at the Universidad Anahuac-Mayab. He has also studied with such greats as John Grinder, Edmundo Velazco, Carlos Fonseca and Paul Scheele. During the entire time he worked for the company’s Corporate Materials, before founding his own firm, won first place in level of performance in their area of work. She was coordinator of the Annual Convention of Sales 2005 of that company as was recognized by the Directorate-General due to the efficiency of organization. It began as an instructor and in just three years managed to be responsible for Human Resources. He was also in charge of the program and Development Managers in the implementation of the Performance Management Process that organization. Has been a speaker at various companies, institutions and fairs like the International Book Fair at the Palacio de Mineria in Mexico City. Also involved in the professionalization of family businesses and is a founder of the firm Consultores Barrios. In his 13 years of professional experience has trained over 2,000 executives. Currently her articles are published on web pages of Mexico, Latin America and Europe. In two months, Google managed to position itself in the form first under the category of “Leadership and Motivation Strategies.” Subscribe to e-newsletter and get FREE leadership and motivation strategies each week.

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