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Everyone who has heard the word internet or faced them directly, at least once thought: 'Why and what do you want sites', and immediately able to give an answer' And why would I go to the sites. " It's very simple – we need some information. Along with advertising in the media recently, especially in Russia, gaining such a thing as the Internet. Just a search engine Yandex used by more than 40 million people a month – a huge figure, is not it. Internet for many now – it is an integral part, as before just to read a newspaper or watch the news. On most goods and services people learn online.

And if you have your own business, then you as the person receiving income from the sale of goods and services simply must have their own, albeit a small representation on the Internet. Look at many competitors already have at least a simple web page, which contains data about their company, goods, services, contacts, etc. And the part of potential buyers (with regard to your proposal), which mainly uses the Internet, where it will acquire the desired item or service is clearly not you, because they do not even know about Your existence, and find sites of competitors, which is described in detail what and how. That is, you lose some of its potential buyers, which day by day becoming more and more. So you've decided to create a website. The first problem that you encounter – this will be the choice of who it takes.

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