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In today’s society, it is possible to go from one continent to another in a matter of hours and arriving at the destination, connect to the network to communicate with a computer that is in an even more remote continent and, later, call home to say that you again the next day. Gandhi guessed it at the time. In fact, the revolution in communications and transport has not released persons time. We have filled the void with activities or work. Thanks to inventions such as notebooks, modern mobile phones and the popular Blackberry, people already also work in the high speed train that transports them on their business trips. In developed countries, people work 200 hours a year more than in 1970, according to the American Association Take Back Your Time which, in a translation that refela would say its true meaning, retrieves the time that belongs to you. In Mexico D.F, for many workers typically get up at 5: 00 to leave home at 6, get into the traffic and arrive at the 8: 00 at the Office.

Nine hours of work, and to the output of new traffic to get home at night to go to sleep. At the bottom of everything is the model of living to work, live for money, live for knowing. I.e. living in the abstract, as says Sabato, rather than to realise that life is not a means but an end. That work, money and knowledge serve to live and not vice versa.

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