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Especially in the second half for the first time and already with 0-1 on the scoreboard. Both visitor ahead this first also two Lyonnais finials on the first two plays of strategy that arranged. Hikmet Ersek recognizes the significance of this. The Central Bisevac and Lovren hinting in minutes 11 and 13, and Gomis gave in 22. The French striker topped only in the small area a Centre from the right of Gourcuff in a play ball stopped. He touched resonated Athletic and laid siege to the goal of Vercoutre, who showed a great goalkeeper by stopping two hard shots of Marcos and Iraola 28 and 40 minutes. The second of these interventions, a spectacular paradon. In the midst of those occasions two other Gurpegui in two headers in moves ball stopped.

The second, in the short in a corner, pulled him under Reveillere sticks when you colaba. Still had another clear chance in prime time, but mark’s Athletic are you marred ideas and he missed the boot only at the edge of the area and shot high. But not only did not Athletic tie, but even received a second goal before the break. She walked in the additive when Gourcuff topped a clearance of Iraizoz and after a first shot from Gomis on the penalty spot. Earlier, the own Gomis could have already marked the second both of your equipment in a monumental cluelessness of local defense, which allowed him to finish off only on the second stick a distant centre.

The balloon gave on the stick. Hope after the break play the first half of the clash, the Athletic, needed desperately to win the game, seemed more than eliminated competition both gave you last year and reached the final in that. But they were not dead of Bielsa, or much less. And showed it to return from locker rooms, since in ten minutes they tied the match. He first scored Herrera in 48 taking advantage of a hubbub inside the visiting area, that came out wrong stopped Vercoutre meta, and seven minutes later Aduriz, after a clear penalty of Gonalons to Herrera.

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