Chronic Hepatitis, Cirrhosis

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Chronic, progressive disease characterized by destruction of liver cells and the accumulation of decay products in the liver. Lead to liver failure, jaundice and metabolic disorders. 1. Application Stimulants Piocal favorably affects: reduced jaundice, until its complete disappearance, there is a restoration and improves liver cells (hepatocytes). 2. Harmonizer also contributes to the restoration of liver cells and preserve the remaining healthy hepatocytes. 3. Details can be found by clicking Grace Venverloh or emailing the administrator. Lohelan balm living water will protect the liver cells. 4. For the removal of already accumulated toxins will take sorbents: Beloyar (from marigold extract or licorice) Hits, Polihit. 5. Restoration of metabolic disorders can help: Herbs life 3, phytotea Magician. 6. Cope with the imbalance of vitamins and minerals following products of our company: migi, Apilam, Velamin, Vitaly Floritsa, Kedrosil, herbal tea Falcon. 7. The use of herbs life I reduce the swelling. 8. Increase the body's own forces can adaptogens: Kedrosil, Floritsa, Tibetan herbal tea. 9. Aroma oils: geranium, mint, lemon, mandarin, lavender.

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