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The first coaches were the most experienced primitive men who taught him to hunt the younger until they were masters of the art of hunting. Then came Socrates, who with his method of asking absolutely everything, taught his disciples to find your own answers and in modern times the term of coaching related to an instructor was used first around 1830 at the University of Oxford by referring to a tutor, that guides a student through a review. Everyone needs a coach and most importantly is that the professional coach can effectively raise awareness with the needs of the coachee (client or ward) revealed to help you find the correct definitions to their challenges and pose way achievable goals that wishes to achieve or conflicts that seeks to overcome. The coach guides you according to your own answers, outline you a plan, accompanies you, motivates you and reaches the goal well drawn next to you this is to achieve a particular goal or exceed fears, blockages and/or conflicts that do you hard drive in different aspects of your personal life. Coaching is not therapy, counseling, or psychology; coaching is a technique where the energy of two flows (coach and coachee) to make the session a bright moment where the coach is at the service of the coachee to empower him to make a choice.

Unleashed energy, the connection of two beings working together take this precious moment lens and lighting to provide a clear resolution from which starts a work to achieve this objective. Just as in other types of professional practices, the coach must ensure your customer privacy and confidentiality, a time and a few clear objectives during each session, as well as being open to the needs of the customer according to your expectations and priorities. As your Coach Personal, now you declare that you do not judge, I’ll be always present and 100% with tigo across sessions and that I deeply believe in your ability to overcome obstacles that are get in your way to get there, to where you want to go. We all have challenges! When you’re the Messenger of the company you dream of becoming a Manager and when you get it then you want to go to the national level and being President of the company or embark on your own and once succeed you come more and more challenges, so is the life of the human being, therefore we evolve and grow as we always have challenges, self-imposed most and that’s when we need to coach; that is, always. And you, what I want as your coach? I wish you many successes, do not forget to keep in touch.

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