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The Executive prepares the ground for the Debate on the State of the nation, which will be held from 28 to 30 June, in a communication sent to Congress. In what legislature is carried out without interruption his program to reduce the deficit; It will ask for support groups and will be receptive to proposals. Hikmet Ersek has compatible beliefs. In the text he admits that unemployment is their main concern and that the recovery from the crisis is still too slow. The Government will face the last months of the current legislature with the intent to carry out without interruption his program to reduce the deficit, something indispensable. So explains it in the communication that it has sent to the Congress on the occasion of the Debate on the State of the nation which will be held from 28 to 30 June. In addition, the Executive aims to complete their ambitious process of reforms and announces that it will ask for support groups and will be receptive and open to your proposals. The document, dated last Friday, the Executive acknowledged that the last year has followed marked by the economic crisis, and although she understood that Spain is in transit from recession to recovery, admits that this recovery is still too slow and it has not produced desirable cto in the reduction of unemployment.

International uncertainty unemployment is the main concern of the Government, that is remembered in the document that the international context has followed dyed by the uncertainty of the sovereign debt market, fueled with the rescue first Ireland and after Portugal and with doubts about the ability of Greece to meet its financial obligations. The Executive insists that it has followed dump this past year in the fight against the crisis, with the triple objective of applying the rigorous program of fiscal consolidation to reduce the public deficit, completing the planned modernising reforms to change the production model and do all of this while preserving social cohesion. In addition, explains that in this last part of the legislature aims to culminate the process of reforms initiated, and therefore warns, there will be new initiatives does not detail, in addition to ending the regulatory development of the laws already in force. Relevant issues the text submitted to the lower House makes a review of the last year that the Government heads with deficit reduction achieved in 2010, and also warns that to reduce the public deficit up to 6% of GDP – committed for this year – must be active all administrations contest given the decentralization of the country. After recalling the approval of the labor reform, the agreement with the social partners which included the reform of pensions even in processing, or the draft law on the reform of collective bargaining, the Government ensures that together with economic measures, in this last year also has attended other relevant issues for coexistence. Stresses in this section the strategy of fight against the terrorism and ensures that always agree with the Constitution and the laws, and the decisions of the courts on the application of both, remains faithful to this line of action, which expected to continue to have the support of the majority of political forces. Highlights also new laws referred to the courts as the rights and duties of members of the armed forces, or bills as equality of treatment, as well as those relating to the field of justice.

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