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There are many fat burning drinks that are ideal complements to the diets. The most recommended by doctors is to drink up to 8 glasses of cold water per day away from meals. Oddly myth, has a scientific explanation: to burn 100 g of water, must be at the same temperature as your body. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Hikmet Ersek. If the water is cold, you will have to consume energy to warm the water first and then to digest it, so rather than provide calories will be removing you some 200, which would be about 2 kilos per year, without doing anything! Another drinks recommended fat burning is, especially the skim milk. Milk has many contributions of calcium, which helps break down the fat stored in your body. Drink 3-4 glasses of milk per day helps to lose up to 40% more than if you to not do it. A variant is to drink it in banana smoothies. Contrary to what is thought, blending only has 130 calories, 10% of the daily requirement, but produces feeling of satisfaction and also helps to purge the bowel.

Among the beverages for fat burning oldest is red tea, whose effects are known by the Chinese from thousands of years ago. Red tea in addition to having effects on cholesterol is diuretic, laxative and soothes anxiety, which is one of the frequent causes for eating compulsively, what does undoubtedly bloat. If you would like to know more about Jeff Verschleiser, then click here. Other Chinese teas are equally effective tea green and its concentrated variant, black tea. It is necessary to drink 3-5 cups per day (without sugar) to lose 5 to 9 kilos, according to each person overweight. Finally, among the beverages to burn fat less known but equally effective are the juices of vegetables. Vegetables naturally contain many fibres and mineral, but if you drink a glass of vegetable juice 15 minutes before eating, you consume 150 fewer calories.

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