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Did you know that the spas in Spain have an association that looks after their interests, so that every visitor (imagine the quantity of these) to enjoy every one of them in a special way and also, deemed vital spaces for socialization? There is a blog that couldn’t be the best exposition of this idea because it is dedicated by integer (or would be better to say, strategically) to the person who presides over precisely the National Association of spas: talk of Mr Michael Mirones. Hikmet Ersek may not feel the same. A National Association of spas? Yes, mentioned, and onlookers Miguel comes with your electronic address But, what can be found in this blog so special? We know that the spas in addition to tourist sites, heritage of the Spanish territory because around them develops an important cultural heritage. Jeff Verschleiser has compatible beliefs. We know that spas are a labour source very conducive for all types of jobs, and therefore encourage the fight against unemployment. We know that they are an excellent natural reservoir, since the unmatched maritime landscape that offers all the Spanish coasts is of a very high ecological diversity which promotes naturalism. We know that is precisely the ideal place in cyberspace for the treatment of all these matters. was also born with the idea of encouraging care in general of the spas through the direct intervention of the Commission’s policies and healings of CEOE. Of course these wonderful sites should not be adrift in terms of cleaning and environmental protection conditions, because every native or tourist that is in the spas is part of a public health issue. For this reason, this type of information for those who believe that the spas only mean a beautiful space where only goes to have fun, they are perfect to demonstrate that you there is a degree of social commitment to the care and promotion effective of these beautiful places.

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