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2. Request a password change. One of the most desired operation – change your password. It is possible that you have lost your password – accidentally deleted the character, a piece of paper with him have lost and remember it correctly, the server must be a mistake has occurred or you have simply stolen. In any service is a function of the password recovery – do not be lazy and use it. Five minutes from time You do not lose anything, and if access to the system you can get back to change your password on the old one. 3.

Find out what state the server. To read more click here: Governor Cuomo. It is possible that the server is "down" (simply put out of order – crashes, burned something attacking it). To find out what state the server is doing something super-duper not. You simply press the "Start" button (explained for those with Windows since 99% of those with other OS knows it) and select "Run." In pop-up window you can enter the following: ping and click "OK". for this, for ICQ, and for other similar easy to think through.

This will open the console and you see the words "Pinging (a variant of its IP). If you get four-digit number that is the probability that your data simply do not reach the server, and if you see the words "timed" or "This site is not available" means that the server is wrong (the problem can take from 5 minutes to several days). 4. Contacting Customer Support. If these methods do not work, then send a request to Technical Support. Describe the situation to them, ask that you now do. If something with the server, they will tell you about it, and if the password is to help restore it. Main hamite not, or at best they simply ignore your letter, and at worst will make it impossible to continue working with their service. If they do not respond for a long time (I think 5-6 hours is enough for a quick response), then ask again and be sure to indicate in the letter that you have already written to them – if the server problem, they should know all. If none of the methods did not lead to the desired result, but the resource is unavailable for a few days then it's time to find an explanation on the Internet – there is a chance that the problem is very serious (eg major DDoS attack), and if an explanation This is not to find an alternative resource. The main thing – never panic, and do everything quietly as an old proverb "haste makes waste."

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