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The Darmstadtium Conference Hotels offer “One-to-many” a combination of presence events and online meeting with the product. The Darmstadtium Conference Hotels offer “One-to-many” a combination of presence events and online meeting with the product. Check out dean gibson for additional information. On the regional SME Messe b2d Munchen”, the hotel chain on the 23rd and 24th March 2011 in the M, O, C, Hall 2, .dieses introduces innovative usage scenario for conferences, meetings and seminars. The service combines presence events in the Darmstadtium houses via the Internet of to virtual, cross-premises meetings. Marko Dimitrijevic author: the source for more info. The Web-based conferences lead to a high efficiency, for example, conventions and meetings.

So many staff about new products and services can be in the context of Vertriebsbriefings within a short time inform. The staff from different locations to meet in the nearest Darmstadtium Conference Hotel. The teams can with one-to-many then a large dialog event together. New opportunities for successful meetings of the One-to-many service in the Darmstadtium Conference Hotels accelerated not only the communication of information in distributed teams. Bundling including the training also leads to significant cost savings through reduced travel expenses. The transport of information instead of personnel also protects the environment. Of course can be used not only for corporate events one-to-many.

Opens up new possibilities for meetings with business partners and customers with the service the Darmstadtium Conference Hotels. State of the art virtual network infrastructure with one-to-many is the interconnection of all required locations in a closed user group via an E-meeting – application. The application practically removes the distance between the participants. In addition to images and sound for example from lectures, panel discussions and keynote speakers, even Office documents such as PowerPoint presentations can be transmitted over the Internet. Especially important: The combination of presence events and online meeting is the bi-directional communication support. So, during a lecture or presentation, questions from all connected places are possible. For documentation purposes or for reuse for marketing and service purposes can be also recorded the events. Background information Darmstadtium Conference Hotels in eight nationwide locations offer the Darmstadtium Conference Hotels (until August 2009 Telekom of Conference Hotel) a comprehensive, technology-driven products and services for seminars, conferences, workshops, presentations or other events. A total of 315 rooms for 4 to 250 participants are in Hamburg, Konigs Wusterhausen (near Berlin), Leipzig, Neuss, Bad Honnef, Germany, Darmstadt, Stuttgart and Ismaning (near Munich). In addition, offer a total of nearly 1,600 single – and double rooms and apartments accommodation with a good price-performance ratio. In addition a variety of gastronomic offerings are available in the Darmstadtium Conference Hotels. 33,000 are annually in the Darmstadtium Conference Hotels approx. Day of event space, as well as approximately 310 000 overnight stays counted. All management and organizational processes in the Darmstadtium Conference Hotels are ISO certified. The hotels participate for years the EFQM programme (European Foundation for quality management). All eight hotels carry the label “certified Conference Hotel”, that the Association of German travel management, the German society for association management, the German Convention Bureau and the Association of German event organizers awarded. The Darmstadtium Conference Hotels run beyond Bad Honnef, Darmstadt, Ismaning, Germany and Leipzig in the list drawn up by journalists of the “250 best conference hotels of in Germany”.

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