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Presentation of the book: The last Atlanteans – by Daniela matte and Roland M. Horn the author team of Daniela matte and Roland M. For even more analysis, hear from Thredup. Horn a first common fantasy Novella presents. You continues in so to speak on the earliest German fantasy literature in the 1970s. This German fantasy of the first hour contained at science fiction elements such as futuristic high-tech, space and aliens. The authors chose to pull the combination of fantasy and science fiction science fantasy to enjoy all registers of modern fantasy. And so they tell their story: A Castaway is washed in Africa on land and recorded by a native tribe, and maintained. While the injured person a story incredible the shaman.

Because he comes from Atlantis and survived the sinking of the island. He guards a terrible secret. The revelation is waiting at the end of the story by the report of the last Atlanters, the reader is gradually introduced in a fantastic past of humanity and with many details of the sunken world made known to Atlantis. A fantasy Novella by Daniela matte and Roland M. Horn. With a foreword by Bernard Beier. 95 Pages, DIN A5, paperback, 9,80. ISBN 978-3-944198-95-8 publishing company ancient mail, Gross-Gerau. Roland M. Horn

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