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All results of the financial test in the overview the year 2014 is located in the first moves. Reason enough to make a retrospective of 2013 and to combine the test results of the Stiftung Warentest for disability insurance. A surprisingly good test summary could be drawn in. Disability insurance test 2013 In June 2013, the Stiftung Warentest tested 75 tariffs of disability insurance. “The overall rating was surprisingly good: whopping 58 tested tariffs received the note very well”. This was a much better result than in the last test in 2011.

2013 Test winners were awarded disability insurance equal to four tariffs. AachenMunchener, Europe, Hanover life and VHV all received the top grade of 0.6. With the exception of the tariff of the Hanoverian life involves test winners at the disability insurance SBU fares, so fares are not completed in combination with other insurance. Five more rates follow 0.7, including the Huk-Coburg with the note and the HanseMerkur. In addition to the 58 very good rates, there was still 10 good”and six satisfying” tariffs. “” None of the tested rates was sufficient “or even insufficient”. Disability insurance financial survey 2013: how to test the financial test (Department of the Stiftung Warentest) was examined the occupational disability insurance on the basis of per gender two model customers. This model clients to depict the average Germans: 30 / r Diplom Kauffrau / man: contract until 67, BU pension 2,000 monthly 25 / r physician assistant/industrial mechanics: contract until 60, BU 1,000 monthly pension The disability insurance test 2013 were above all the insurance conditions in focus, that went to 70% in the overall result.

Furthermore, financial test examined the requests (20%) and final age and the related professions (10%). Significance of the disability insurance test 2013 the test results should be enjoyed however by consumers with caution. Would a serious consumer Disability insurance, should apply the test results as first stopping point, where they can orient. But always an advice from an expert should be preceded with a specific degree of interest. Because the model customers who were taken by Finanztest, represent only an average and can be transferred not 1:1 on your own life situation. Such a consultation is usually free of charge and without obligation and can be requested online.

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